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Creative Development

We offer a creative multinational team who works hard to produce innovative entertainment. Our consultants are able to tailor your project to your vision using any budgetary level, as well as provide topnotch business and financial forecasting.


We pride ourselves on our storytelling prowess, same that extends to helping our clients tell their stories, who rely on us for our Hollywood-level video production and post-production knowledge and professionalism. We will devote the same care and attention to your product regardless of whether it is a TV commercial, independent film, or any other personally branded content.

TV & Web Series Production

Walking Legend is an production company specialized in producing and financing television, film, and commercials.

Television, and the mobile way of watching it today, is branching out into edgier and more dramatic themes. Our Television Production department is evolving as quickly as modern television, which is what keeps us one step ahead of the competition.

Film Production

Our knowledge of independent filmmaking is only surpassed by our passion for it.We host a production supervising team with an independent spirit and a Hollywood standard.


Commercial Production

Every company, along with every person, has a story to tell. It’s how you tell it that makes the difference. This is one of the most powerful tools a company has to help its content succeed in a highly competitive environment.

Web Design & Development

No company today is complete without a website, for those interested need immediate access to information regarding your company or content. At Walking Legend, we take this a step further by reaching out to consumers on their tablets and mobile devices as well.


Your company’s online presence has never mattered more than it does today, and a well-designed app can make you be one step ahead of the game. Let our web consultants and developers create a site that best serves your needs. Imagine how much more important these will be tomorrow.


We offer the best team to help you reach across the globe from west to east. Our team has previously connected major studios in the US to China, vice versa. Not only the connection, but also help you to develop, produce, distribute sino co-production.

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